Kanger SubTank Coils


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Coil Type:

 Replacement coils for the Kanger SubTank Nano, Mini and Plus.


1 x 5-pack Kanger Subtank Coils

Select the type of coil from the selection list.

Available Coil Types:

  • OCC 0.5Ω  Kanthal Coil - Square Core
  • OCC 0.2Ω  Kanthal Coil - Square Core
  • SSOCC 0.5Ω  Stainless Steel Coil - Round Core
  • SSOCC 0.2Ω  Stainless Steel Coil - Round Core
  • Clapton 0.5Ω  Kanthal Coil - Round Core
  • Ceramic 0.5Ω  Ceramic Coi


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