TRIO Tobacco Cartomizer


Available Options:
Nicotine Level:

ATTENTION:  We are no longer able to get the TRIO cartomizers with nicotine and in a short while the 0% nicotine will also be unavailable.  We are actively searching for alternatives.  We suggest refilling the current cartomizers that you currently have using eLiquid of your choice.

5 Pack:  5 TRIO Cartomizers

TRIO Cartomizers come in different levels of nicotine and also in Tobacco and Menthol.  These are the Tobacco flavor.

Please select the level of Nicotine.

 ** Note:  The cartomizers are by the parent company Vapor Corp (VaporX®) and do not have the TRIO logo.  These are generic cartomizers that are designed for the TRIO.

Please Note:  The TRIO is incompatible with the DUO accessories.  When purchasing replacement cartridges/filters make sure to select TRIO products.

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